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Please help take the first step towards putting an end to puppy mills and back yard breeders by signing this petition requiring the AKC to have DNA proof of parentage before issuing registration papers.

Currently the AKC motto is all about integrity but the standard they practice is 

"If you can breed it, you can register it... No questions asked"

In this day and age of technology this is an antiquated way of acting and thinking !! 

Actions speak louder than words comes to mind..

So basically any breeder can claim their pups are produced by "CHAMPIONS" on paper and if you want proof of parentage via DNA the AKC requires $500 from the buyer to prove the pups are out of the parents they claim !!

 Why is it the buyers responsibility??

AKC paper work is NOT proof of ownership, you cannot use it in court to prove you own your dog.

AKC paperwork is NOT even proof of parentage/pedigree since breeders are not questioned or asked to prove parentage. 

The burden to prove parentage is on the buyer..

So why do people invest money in this piece of AKC paper not worth the toilet paper you wipe your bum with??

It is with a sad heart that we have decided to no longer breed Tibetan Mastiffs, my beloved breed is fast becoming ruined by puppy mills. The AKC is helping to support these puppy mills and they do everything in their power to fight laws that would protect the dogs they claim to love. Not every AKC breeder is bad or a puppy mill and I have quite a few AKC friends.

Altho I when I see a "AKC BREEDER of  MERIT" tag I know that is typically a puppy mill and red flag because those are the people who feed this $60 million a year "Non profit" organization the most registration fee's. Breeder of Merit has NOTHING to do with how well they care for their animals or how they treat their buyers.. One of the biggest puppy mills and largest producer of unhealthy Tibetan Mastiffs, Rick Eichhorn has a Breeder of Merit tag.

My roots in stopping animal abusers started 20 years ago in Chicago, my love for Tibetan Mastiffs started 27 years ago. I waited until I was financially secure and able to breed properly before breeding as any good breeder should. I am changing my focus for now to attempt to salvage this breed and others by putting an end to puppy mills and the organization who supports them by educating the public.

I firmly believe the key to putting an end to the millions of pets that die in shelters every year is to have responsible breeders and rescues working together.







                                                   In Loving memory of my Princess, Xian.






         Xian was taken from us to soon at the age of 2 years. We are devastated and left with no clear reason as to why she was taken from us. She was in perfect health and just passed her 2 year exam with an excellent bill of health.  Our only  guess between the vet and everyone with a medical background based on how she died was anaphylactic shock. Either a snake bite or wasp sting, and we're leaning towards wasp since there was a nest nearby. Xian went from normal and happy to dead in the time it took me to take a shower and get ready (approx. 45 min) . She showed no signs of illness and was eating fine. She eats her meal in the evening so her stomach was not full and that leads us to believe it was not Gastric Torsion. It was not poison as my other dogs are fine and she died to suddenly. She had muscle rigidity before the onset of rigormortis and her tongue was slightly swollen.  My nights have been sleepless and my days have been torment. She died the day our male Tenzin arrived and never got to even meet him. Tenzin has been a blessing for our kids to ease their loss, but  it has not been so easy for me. Rest in peace my beautiful Xian.


                                                        Feb 2009 - April 1st, 2011  





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