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Puppies expected Winter/Spring 2015

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I suggest my pups be  UKC registered and here is a short reason why instead of AKC..


Here is an article written about the AKC by the Dog Press in 2008.. The AKC Fraud

 I personally have never been a fan of the AKC and it is one of the main reason's why I do not show. My Great-uncle made a VERY good living in the show world and from a young age told me to avoid the AKC. Since then I have had nothing but been proven right in my distaste for them. From them supporting and fighting puppy mill laws, allowing forged registrations to be filled, botching DNA tests at the owners expense, to ignoring several complaints against Rick Eichhorn with vet proof of sick dogs and dead puppies he mass produces. Since then the AKC has given that man a Breeder of Merit!!!! None of the requirements for Breeder of Merit actually require the Breeder to produce healthy or sound dogs, or to have an ethical practice.. It only requires you pour a lot of money into the AKC.
I am swapping my dogs to UKC and hoping they run a more ethical and strict Kennel.  I will be educating any future buyers about the AKC and HIGHLY suggesting they stick with UKC registry.
I have a harder time registering my $500 goats than I do my $3000 dog!! I was denied registry for 2 goats because I misplaced the bill of sale and could not find the seller, even tho I had service papers and papers. It was frustrating but I was happy they protect the breeders.

At some point I hope we come to realize as a society supporting the AKC registry is just as bad as supporting puppies bought in a pet store.






We will be pairing Kesang Camp's Yin Yang of Shangri-La with Northstar's Tenzin of Shangri-La!



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Research COI% on any potential puppies you plan to buy here..
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Test mate the parents or look into their pedigree.


(Be sure to check several generations back, some dogs have low % because their pedigree is incomplete... I made that mistake with Uri.)




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