Check us often to see our dogs... Breeding superior TM's is our mission.

Puppies expected at the end of January!!

PEOPLE WHO JOIN MY FB GROUP will get 1 week advantage on puppy of choice.




I suggest my pups be  UKC registered and here is a short reason why instead of AKC..


Here is an article written about the AKC by the Dog Press in 2008.. The AKC Fraud






We will be pairing Kesang Camp's Yin Yang of Shangri-La with Northstar's Tenzin of Shangri-La!



Contact me to be placed on our waiting list.

I have created a FB group here at Tibetan Mastiff- Shangrila Puppy owners.. I feel it is a valuable tool and highly encourage anyone thinking about buying a TM puppy to join and speak with others on their experience. Joining will also make me consider you more than someone who has not.


Research COI% on any potential puppies you plan to buy here..
Pedigree Search


Test mate the parents or look into their pedigree.


(Be sure to check several generations back, some dogs have low % because their pedigree is incomplete... I made that mistake with Uri.)




OUR PUPPIES - COI 3.64%   


























Males -





Register your puppy here and see their lineage.