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This site lists just a few things of what your AKC registration fee's really pay for and what every AKC breeder dreads for you to know as the consumer.  

From DNA fraud, bullying, and dogs being murdered, there is no limit for the AKC sociopath.

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When questioned, all AKC breeders and their devout followers will repeat AKC propaganda. They never give an original answer justifying what is transpiring, much like a cult.

The AKC has many loopholes within their registration and rules which puppy mills and scammers use to their full advantage.

The AKC is 100% aware of what is transpiring and choose not to fix the problem with a simple solution of modern DNA technology.

This is my attempt to bring a very shady community to light.


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Stopping the plethora of puppy mills flooding the market and cutting the funding of an organization whom fights animal right laws is the first step in ending the need for shelters.

The AKC fights laws that would prevent excess animals...

Even tho that piece of paper is worth less than a square of toilet paper to you as the consumer, thousands blindly invest into it yearly.

The AKC registration is NOT proof of parentage as I will prove below. 

It is not even proof of ownership and I will let you take that straight from the AKC's mouth..  

Obviously the AKC is not expected to govern ownership disputes, that is what our legal system is for. 

However most people believe that registration paper means you own your dog. Breeders know this fact and often utilize it to their advantage.


This was an e-mail response from the AKC about a Tibetan Mastiff by the name of Silkbow, the sire to my Yin.  

Silkbow was fraudulently obtained and then subsequently murdered by a Backyard breeder who goes by many aliases, but her given name is Michelle Ranall McConnell. 

This same dog  was also used by the McConnell's to register a litter via the AKC with a forged signature. 

                       (One of Michelle's 2 Tibetan Mastiffs with buckshot in his face)

Silkbow was murdered by the AKC breeder Michelle after serving his purpose. Instead of living the life of retirement like Michelle promised his breeder.

There is currently a lawsuit pending about all of these unbelievable things but the AKC is a giant using your funds to keep people like us silent.

I believe the Tibetan Mastiff circle is one of the more hostile because Tibetan Mastiffs are one of the most expensive breeds to own.

Tibetan Mastiffs are also a huge liability so it is hard for puppy mills to hide their activities with this breed.


2017 Update as my 2015 AKC pages were mysteriously disabled I am having to rebuild this page from scratch...

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I may not be an expert or have a PHD but I have lived 27 of my 37 yrs on this planet obsessing, caring for, training, rescuing and breeding dogs.

My relationship with the AKC is one of Love and hate. 

I spent the first part of my life idolizing my Uncle Norman Jerome who made (as I was told) millions as a AKC judge and breeder of several rare breeds in the 1960's-80's.  So I idolized him and the AKC.

It was my uncle Norm who first told me of the AKC's corruption. I was maybe 11 yrs old when he told me I had a heart that was too kind to be in such an evil community such as the AKC. 

He told me to avoid the AKC because they were very abusive to animals.

At the time I had no idea what that meant and I was heart broken he said those things to me.

I am at a loss for words why the modern american who has access to google still cannot see what information exists on horrors we support as a society, so let me tell you a little about this one called the American Kennel Club.

We put put a stop to pet store puppy mills as a society but yet no one realizes the AKC is who funded those programs and continues to?

The AKC is non-profit who helps animal rescue...

Right and WRONG.  

Yes, the AKC makes minimal contributions to other "non profit" organizations, but what better way to make the public believe they care?

Raking in $59 million a year, the AKC should be ending all needs for shelter as a non-profit. 

Instead they massively contribute to the millions of murdered animals a year in America.

Like any good politician they donate money somewhere good while making sure the public notices via their self promoting ad's about how awesome they are for helping animals in need. 

They are like magicians, they have you look at one hand while they rob you with the other. 

If not for the AKC fighting laws that would force people to start treat breeding like a business we would not have breeders (AKC and backyard alike) FLOODING our shelters with their unwanted dogs. 

ALL breeders would have strict laws to follow and fines if they do not follow them.

So in turn we would NOT need donations to save the unwanted animals if the AKC would stop using your money to fight these laws..

AKC fights "Puppy mill Awareness Day" 2016

AKC worst in show 

AKC Breeder of Merit...

If you see a breeder with this title, RUN!

Here are the requirements below for Breeder of Merit straight from

AKC Breeder of Merit program.

The Puppy mill index ( Dog Press )

Every step of this "Breeder of Merit"

 Program is one of 


Certified health screenings are not as appealing as it sounds if you read below.

In my opinion the breeder of merit 

should reward the breeders with

 flawless customer reviews and

 proven betterment of the breed.

The AKC awards championships 

by points, not by quality.

The AKC rewards quantity, 

not quality. 

You can breed brother

 to sister 5 generations

 and they will promote you as a 

Breeder of 


My Keyuri of Drakyi is an example

 of this.

The AKC is only designed to make people

 believe they are part of some elite crew

 while pressuring people to show and

 continuously produce more dogs 

than society or the breeder can handle. 

This is why the AKC Co-Ownership pyramid

 was created.

The AKC "Health" illusion...

AKC Health screenings are what every good member and breeder of the AKC clings to.

I am not here to discredit the benefits of health screenings, I myself screened my breeding stock. Knowing that your animal is not carrying any genetic issues and is in peak condition should be at the forefront of every breeding program.

What they don't tell you with the AKC health screening is that their main test they focus on "OFA" is subjective. I have seen a dog fail 3 times just to have a 4th vet give it passing scores.

The only way to clearly know a dog will not reproduce genetic flaws is via DNA mapping, it is not perfect but its darn near.

Our current day breeders blindly slap two dogs together boasting they are "health certified".

When in reality the dogs are more often than not carrying hidden defective genes that when combined, produce sick puppies.

When these sick puppies are born they are either killed, sold as healthy or re-homed as an adoption.  

Most purebreds today suffer from genetic issues due to this archaic mindset of breeding.

The AKC pyramid and "Co-Ownership"...

Co-Owner is the AKC puppy mill and savy salesman way of getting YOU to take their excess or sick stock in exchange for promise of money, services, free dogs... whatever the deal is, I have heard them all.

At the end of the day you get to incur all of the liability, responsibility and expenses while the breeder retains the credit and typically sole ownership.

It is just a legal nightmare for you as the innocent "co-owner"...

I have seen breeders re-home known biters (Tibetan Mastiffs ) with children, over and over. Once the dog bites or attempts to bite or whatever bad behavior that gets them "re-homed" as rescues or "co-owns" the breeder steps in and recovers the dog to be re-homed again to the next unsuspecting person. 
This is just a disaster waiting to happen!

I have seen stolen Tibetan Mastiffs resurface as "co-owns" Living with unsuspecting people who just wanted to help this "glorious AKC breeder".

In reality these unsuspecting "co-owners" are technically in possession of stolen property.

I have seen these same stolen  " co-owns " used to register false litters with the AKC. 

You name it and they can find a way to scam it via the AKC .

Co-ownership is most puppy mills favorite go to.

Most people think having the dog on their property will protect them from the breeder reclaiming the animal..


The ONLY proof of ownership accepted today in the American legal system is the Microchip. 

Most breeders know this and will have a dog chipped before allowing you to assume "co ownership".

I have a police report of one breeder breaking in and not only stealing a co--owned dog but also a new puppy the victim had just neutered, as hostage, to keep the victim from pressing charges!

Like most things in life not everyone who co-owns is a puppy mill or evil, but in my experience co-owning rarely ends well, even between the best of friends.


The AKC has their own DNA department, and yet it is not a required step to register a litter with them.

A tool that proves the dog YOU paid good money for is actually parented by whom the breeder says they are on your AKC registration.

This is the WHOLE reason people invest in this paper right?

( Captain Barbosa the Ch. Bernese Mountain dog is supposedly sterile, yet his breeder made thousands off of his "puppies" )

Why doesn't the AKC require proof of parentage from their breeders?

Because the AKC has openly acknowledged they will lose a lot of registration fee's.

If they required their puppy mills who thrive on scamming and deceit to actually prove parentage, about half of their registration income would vanish from the AKC...

So I ask again, why would anyone pay for this paper which is worth nothing? 

DNA testing not only tells you who the parents are but DNA mapping can also tell breeders which dogs carry faulty genetic markers helping them to avoid genetic problems!

Yet most will think of every excuse to avoid this modern technology while keeping their head buried in the sand.

Animal Genetics

Here is just ONE litter we questioned via the AKC DNA department and the results speak for itself.

This same breeder was allowed to re-register this litter under a NEW sire with no proof of DNA...


It took the AKC almost 6 months to issue the results of this DNA investigation and addition 6 months for me to obtain them, despite paying for these results.

The AKC did everything in their power to stop us from obtaining these results.

This same breeder was allowed to re-register this fraudulent litter under a NEW sire with no proof of DNA...

Since we no longer have access to someone who has claim to rights on this litter the AKC will not tell us who the "New" sire is or allow us to request another DNA profile.

The AKC re-registered this litter on the word of someone who was just proven fraudulent...

Tibetan Mastiffs on average cost $2-5k ... That is a lot of money for dogs you do not even know the parents of or if they are even purebred.

   The American Kennel Club requires YOU prove your AKC               registered dog is purebred if you doubt their breeder. 

   If that is not bad enough, they also charge $500 to do so... 

               Is that not the sole purpose of the AKC? 

   Breeders having to prove to YOU that their dog is purebred and exceptional?



I had to pay an attorney to recover the DNA results from the AKC breeder who was helping us at the start of the investigation. 

This same breeder was very eager to help prove this fraud was happening until the AKC became aware of what we were doing.

The AKC Mafia kicked in and this same breeder, like all others, buckled under the pressure and stopped communicating with us.

I did not want to pursue legal action but there was no other way to prove this corruption is transpiring. 

Their bullying tactics is how they keep people silent, like any good monster corporation.

Even though I am very disappointed with this breeder, I understand why she did what she did.

This is what the "elite Tibetan Mastiff AKC breeders" really communicate between each other. 

They all claim to want betterment of their stock, yet they don't even know what they are breeding. 

David even goes so far as to admit its going to cost someone to prove them wrong... and it has. 

One of these AKC breeders mentioned in the e-mail Notoriously won Westminster...

The American Kennel Club is a Sociopaths playground..

The common AKC breeder excuses against updating the laws and reforming the AKC's archaic business model...

I am constantly disappointed by the parade of people who claim they want to change things and do the right thing, but when confronted with stage 1 of the AKC mafia most either conform or run.

This is includes all "Clubs" within the AKC, if people really cared about the dogs they would effect change, not create "Clubs".

When asked why they do not push for the AKC to stop fighting puppy mill laws or require DNA proof of parentage, most breeders will just complain about how much more money and hassle it will cost them. 

Or they just regurgitate AKC propaganda like any good cult member. 

When you choose to become a breeder, it is my opinion you are a business and you should be held accountable like any other business that serves our public.

You are by definition providing a service to the public when you accept income for the animals you created.


Breeders should be held accountable to the people and the animals they produce. 

It is not about finding the cheapest and easiest way to make money but the AKC has helped keep it this way.

Not everyone who breeds and shows within the AKC is heinous, there are quite a few good people.

 At the end of the day tho they are still blindly or non blindly supporting this cloak and shadow organization...